Saturday, August 16, 2008

Packing up

If you know me, you aren't surprised to know that I carefully plot and plan my packing (our trip to Switzerland is coming up Monday). No matter what the destination and length of trip, I gear up for the journey armed with Post-it notes about a week in advance.That's right. I write a list and then I check each item off as I add it to the suitcase...I also carry another Post-it pad in my purse, so I can jot down any additions that I might have forgotten at home, those I add to the original note whenever I pass the suitcase.

I rarely overpack or underpack, I pride myself in packing a mean suitcase.

But - big but - since Gus has started to hog space in my suitcase (just literally, don't worry he won't travel to Switzerland inside BIG RED (that's my mother-in-law's BIG suitcase...and it is big) the challenge of packing has doubled - I'm up to the pressure, but still (another big but) it gives me brief spasms of anxiety. I don't want to forget anything life-sustaining and by the same token I don't want to pack the ball gown (unless there is a ball).

So for the past couple of days, Gus and I have been sitting around Big Red with my lists adding and subtracting things, editing our travel wardrobe, rearranging gifts in the most space-dynamic way. I believe we're going to make it to Switzerland for 2 1/2 weeks in one suitcase (Groma is already buying Gus outfits, so I won't worry about ball gowns for him)

The piece of luggage that gives me fits in the middle of the night is my carry-on. I'm determined to travel light (well, except for the 22 lbs. boy and a jogging stroller. I want to make the 10 1/2 hour trip with my usual diaper bag, so that I can keep it close (overhead compartments spell OUT-OF-REACH to me)

Here is my list so far:

- Wallet/ticket/passports
-water bottle
- book (that's a maybe)
- cell phone
- 2 energy bars
- camera
- Delta earphones
- Jacket

- 5 diapers/small travel thingy of wipes
- blanket
- change of clothes, socks
- selection of small noise-less toys (new to Gus)
-snacks (string cheese, cheerios, raisins)
- Benadryl (yep - and I'm not afraid to use it)
- Jacket

All into this.

Yep, I'm going to try. Do you think I can do it? We'll see. We're off Monday. Wish us luck or whatever I need to survive a cross-Atlantic flight with an 11-month-old on my lap (Awwww what was I thinking!)

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