Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My twirling tree

It happened overnight, and I think I was the first to see it this morning as I headed out at dawn to meet my running buddies. My favorite tree in the neighboorhood is budding...I love, love this tree (actually I love it so much, I should try to look up what kind of a tree it is. It looks like a mix between a weeping willow and a Chinese Cherry, which I'm sure it is not.) reminds me of a tutu skirt, all pink, volumonously gauzy and umbrella shaped, a bit crooked and fragile, but beautiful nevertheless. It stands proud on my neighbor's lawn meaning I have the best view of it right out my office nook window...did I mention I love this tree?

I'm going to twirl under it, just as soon as Gus is done napping...
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