Friday, March 6, 2009

A shower to shine

A broken coffeemaker caraffe and the not-guilty-at-all offender in the background in temporary custody of the laundryroom...I let him back out once I had swept twice...we found a replacement at the local thrift store. Whew...

The streetsweeper went by just as I mopped my kitchen floor, I thought I needed to get a picture...I swear I didn't call the city, but I'm very happy that the curb will look nice now...

My new lemon-ciffon colored wonder of a vacuum cleaner (another German-speaking genius of a household appliance and my early birthday present from my parents). It cleans hardwood, carpets, tile hardily and gives upholstery a gentle scrubbing, it even dusts andstands on its own and has the smarted powercord feed I've ever seen. Gus loves to ride it and I love that it is so quiet I can vaccum even when he is asleep. If you want one go to

OK I got to go and sit on my couch now.

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Brynn said...

we have a miele, too. Love it. Good luck with that bridal shower. Boy I am missing you these days.