Monday, March 9, 2009

Where the springs are

Transylvania County prides itself in being the Land of Waterfalls (having the highest concentration of waterfalls per acre in the U.S., I think) and this one, called Triple Falls for having three levels at perfect pleasing angles, is by far one of the most pictoresque and therefore popular with photographers of all calibers...our friends, Heather and Rion, took this photo of us on a recent hike. There were rumors of inches (!!!) of snow on the ground in Dupont State Park so we had to investigate...I love everything about this shot.

Seeing this (just a couple of days later as the sun revs up to 70 degrees outside) makes me appreciate where we live all the more...sometimes in the deepest depth of winter, I don't particularly care for Western North Carolina. Snow seems pointless, the cold is bone chilling and days filled with rain can easily fray already brittle nerves.

But then there are majestic deciduous forests - acres of them - water tumbling prettily over cliffs wherever you look, icycles and melancholy fog and miles of idyllic hiking trails at your feet.

It's beautiful here, even if you can't ski it.

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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

That is a lovely picture, and a wonderful, abstract, cubist sort of waterfall.