Saturday, August 8, 2009

Feeling blue

...I admit, I have a lot of spare time these days. With no job (now in the second month of sending out resumes) and a relatively low-maintenance child, husband and household, Gus and I have been hiking a lot, swimming in the streams and pools around town, visiting the library and the playground and logging lots of miles running.
Not bad. I admit, though I eventually would like to be employed again and contribute to our little family's budget.
I repeat. Not bad.
To ward off the urge to sit on the couch and gorge on bonbons while watching obscure Netflix documentaries, I've made it my goal to complete at least one long-term project per week, as long as I'm not working and while some projects are too costly to justify, I have managed to finish Gus' first year photo album, painted our bathroom, started a solar blog for Jacob and written a couple of letters to my elected officials - all during Gus' naptime.

This week, I treated myself to a fun project: Sewing Gus a pair of winter overalls out of a beautiful blue corduroy a friend traded me. The pattern came from my Mom, who used it to make Gus an adorable pair of overalls last winter...using all her expertise as an example...I'm pleased to show off the result.

I think they came out very, someone help me find a red-white striped long-sleeve T-shirt to go with it...

Posted by PicasaHe is such a fashion plate, isn't he? Look at that supermodel pose.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Very cute! I just successfully threaded (after much cursing) my brand new sewing machine.
Now comes the real test....

Petit Bateau makes red and white striped long-sleeve tees. You can probably find one on ebay

a said...

awesome!!! can you make me a pair!?
Ha ha!
What is the deal w/ Jacob's solar blog-- is he slaying some solar these days??
Hope you all are well...