Friday, August 7, 2009

A new family member

He came to us unexpectedly, not desired, not required...people who know me, know I've been skittish about pets, ever since I failed to provide a controlled environment for a certain big yellow-colored dog. I've never shied from stepping in and watching other people's pets, but I've doggedly kept my own home free of critters...and really, if I had the choice, I'd gotten a gaggle of chicken...instead, we ended up with a Siamese Fighter Fish or Betta Fish, courtesy of our sweet neighbor, Miss Cathy, who brought him over as a well-meant present for Gus two weeks ago...

Since then, Mr. Blau Fish (pronounced "blaw, German for blue, Mommie's pick because otherwise his name would be "tractor" or "copter") has made himself a beloved member of our family. It's amazing how little he requires (I went and bought him a bigger bowl, just feeling claustrophobic for him and added a clam shell for interest) and how much pleasure he gives us. I've been guarded about liking him, because I was convinced he'd be belly up within the first couple of days, but was hopelessly lost to his calm demeanor within the first week. Gus loves to feed him (he is a good eater, making a big fluttery show of it) and I love to send sideway glances at him, while I type on the computer....he seems curious and pauses during his morning and afternoon rounds to eye me through the glass and blow bobbles at me...

What can I say? We love our fish for all his shimmery beauty and silent curiosity. Welcome Blau!
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