Friday, August 21, 2009

A special town

Maybe because I've been feeling low lately, the gesture seemed three times as wonderful and sweet.
Brag alert: You may have us beat as to the prestige of where you live or maybe even in the scenery department (although I highly doubt that) but Brevard is simply the best of Southern charm and small town with a big heart rolled into one.
Case in point: Yesterday, Gus and I eagerly awaited the garbage truck to come by our house (this is a highly anticipated spectacle in our week). As we exchanged the customary waves with the nice men who pick up our refuse, Gus got an extra special gift - a sucker!
That's right. Our city workers, who take pride in whatever they do (and they will chat politely while they wield your unwieldy trash can around) give out candy to small boys who look up to them.
For Gus there is little doubt: that nice man with the handlebar mustache has the best job in the world - and gets paid with suckers!
I just appreciate the kindness behind it all.

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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

QQ wants to say "hi" to everyone in the world. You know that old commercial jingle for Coke "I'd like to give the world a Coke"? Well, if she liked Coke, she would do just that. She wants to not just say hi, but make eye contact and receive social interaction in return. This goes for everyone from a 6-year-old-boy playing stick ball to a street bum drunk on the sidewalk to the heavily-pierced punk down by the trainyards. Everyone.
The thing is, when someone (and fortunately these people are rare) is not interested in making eye contact with her, she gets rather upset. She looks at me with these big, puzzled, disillusioned eyes. Why, mommy, why? Why doesn't that person like me?
It breaks my heart. So yes, those people who go out of their way to return the interaction with a toddler get extra points in my world.
Hope your spirits are rising. OX