Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breathless at 7 months

That's sounds like a headline back from when I was pregnant, but I don't think I was ever as overwhelmed then as I am now - in a good way.
Gus is literally keeping me on my toes, by being on his feet - a lot. And I'm still almost always dragging my feet and falling one step behind his busy little body - but enough with the step cliches, as a still-new Mommie I'm obviously grateful that my little boy is so curious and so healthy that he can pull himself up on anything and then proceeds to let go and look for a new hand hold - it's crazy, I mean, he can't even really crawl yet, much less sit, but that doesn't stop him from exploring the whole walking thing... along the way, he falls victim to pots and pans, sharp corners, loose seat covers, slippery cabinet door knobs etc., but even bruises can't stop him from getting back up and taking another step... I'm in awe, and shocked, as well. Just exactly where is this leading to? A bike at 12 months, a marathon at 14 months? Skiing at 18 months? Mount Everest at 3? I hope and pray I'm getting ahead of myself.

So here we are 7 months into Gus' life. Here is what he would "tell" you, if he had all the words yet:
- "If my face is clean, my Mommie's T-shirt is not."
- "Walking is like talking for me - I do it fast and furiously"
- "Daaaaaadaaaaaagaaaaagaaaayayayadaaaaaa" (see previous comment).
- "Anything held by someone else should be handed to me - the sharper or pointier the better"
- "Anything given to me readily, is NOT interesting and is disposed of by me immediately."
- "Groma's laugh is just too funny to me, I giggle without fail."
- "All my grandparents are grand - they never tell me that I have to play by myself now"
- "I like to eat, just not sitting up and from a spoon."
- "If I have to sit and eat, I like applesauce the best."
- "Why learn how to sit? I'm not tired and if I am, I sleep - laying down."
- "If it fits in my mouth, then that's where it goes."
- "I smile and flirt without discrimination - you should see how many old men, stop and fall in love with me."
- "Did I mention that I smile a lot?"
- "I smile whenever Mommie points her camera at me, I know she likes that."
- "My favorite way to see the world is upside down - hanging by my ankles from my Daddy's hands."
- "If you're boring me I start bouncing in your lap, that means 'do something'"
- "I'm a reasonable child. I cry a little, if I'm hungry or in discomfort with a dirty diaper or sleepy, then I wait for a good little while. If you don't do something, it's your own fault, if I proceed to melt down."
- "I give kisses now - open mouthed, slobbery and preferrably on Mommie's mouth in public."
- "What do you mean, I should focus on crawling? I don't see you crawling a lot."

Yep, and he is probably going to tell you all this and more in a month or so.

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Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Oh, gosh, it's like jumping into the deep end, huh?! Your life is going to accelerate from here! Hang on and enjoy the ride!!