Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The most beautiful quilt in the world!

It came in a package today - all quietly and unassuming wrapped in brown paper from our dear friends, Nancy and Dur Wright - inside, the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen, splendid with stars and farm animals and dots and patterns and my favorite fabric that simply says "moo..." Nancy is an artisan, whose craftsmanship leaves me in awe.

Gus has a fabulous time with it, looking at each individual animal - there are goats, chickens, cows, sheep and even horses - and then quickly looking away, before checking back to see if they are still there - and they are, each time. It makes him shriek with delight.

And it just so happened that while I let him play naked, he sat up - just like that. Sat up on his heinie all by himself - and loving it.

Thank you Nancy and Dur. We love it and will until it is threadbare.

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