Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend visitors

My aching back was very grateful (and the rest of me, too) when Granna, Pap and Meme decided to drive up from Alabama for a weekend visit. We had lots of good food and good laughs, all while Meme managed to wash loads and loads of laundry, and Jacob and Ronnie snuck in a birthday surprise for me (a newly painted living room in Tupelo green, which looks very fetching with the new rug Sara, Cindy, Meme and I were "incidentially were out shopping for when the paint brushes came out - it was like "starring" in one of those home improvement shows that I overdosed on, while in Denver).

Gus especially enjoys visitors - he is now at that sweet age, where playing and attention means the world to him and he readily smiles at faces and cameras.

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