Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Morning excercise

Unlike me, Gus has no trouble starting his mornings with a bit of physical exertion - actually since yesterday, it's been an all-day endeavor.

Yup, just barely 7 month old and already pulling himself up on EVERYTHING (safe or not) and then prompty turning on his heels to look for the next hand-hold, just like a little rock climber.

If I wasn't so shocked and stunned (and busy removing heavy dangerous things to safer heights) I'd be proud.

...and truth be told, we have our fair share of setbacks...and the bruises to show for it...luckily Groma is always here to kiss any booboo and make it feel better again
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Angie Davis said...

Geraldine, I've never had a comment bring a tear to my eye before! thank you.
I am so glad I found your blog now, and I'm loving catching up on your precious life! Gus is adorable!