Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All good

See my tonsils, Dr. Myers? Gus didn't mind the nurse prodding him every which way at the occasion of his 2-year checkup, until she got out the contraption for the hearing exam - we will never know for sure if this non-stop talking kid is hearing impaired, but after he matter-of-factly informed us all that there is "blood on it" (repeatedly with a loud wail in between) during the finger prick, the nurse thought we'd let that one slide.

Gus is all healthy and thriving, according to our tiny, cute Misses Doctor.

Here are the stats for those who want to know:
Weight: 27.9 lbs (50 percentile)
Height: 35.5 Inches (75 percentile, yeah!!!)
Head: 19. 5 Inches (70 percentile)
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

At her 2-yr, Q was 90th percentile in height (holy cow!!) and 25th in weight...which is actually an improvement. Peds told us she'll probably just be a beanpole.