Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big 'un

Not to brag but look out our fabulous globe of a pumpkin. Almost 40 lbs of bright orange plumpness (39.6 lbs to be exact, I actually managed to heave it onto my scale) that we had to harvest yesterday after its vine simply gave out (it had hung itself on a fence, hence the beautiful dimensions). A little early perhaps, but it serves as a bright reminder that autumn is moving in as crisp mornings and dark evenings frame my seasonal malaise that snow will be mostly happening in my imagination. As a transplant from Colorado, I still can't quite quit the ski dreams and the olfactory illusions that snow must be in the air....

After Gus is through exploring our new friend from every angle (and every play possibility) we'll be carving this beauty (any ideas, anyone?) and then cooking the insides down for a couple of jars of pumpkin butter (recipe). Thank you, Maia, for sending us the seeds (named aptly after one big doopey dog in whose memory we planted the seeds).

A blessed & happy autumn, everyone
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Ah! I'm so glad to see that those seeds bore fruit...and SUCH fruit! Happy carving!!

a said...

YEA! I love fall in the Mountains... any mountains will do! That is one heck of a pumpkin, G! Have fun!