Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A fair day, indeed

Gus poses with the mountain districts' biggest pumpkin at the entrance to the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.
The hefty gourd outweighs him by many pounds...(he did try to lift it though)

Gus has one of his favorite moments - mine too, not too noisy and free - far from the fair's main attractions behind the livestock tent, on one of the working tractors, which reminded him of the one his Pap has... the tent workers thought that was very funny...

It was love at first sight, when he saw the "yawlow hulicoppter" once used to extinguish wildfires. Now they let kids climb all over it. We went back at least a half dozen times...

The chicks and chicken were another source of endless, silent adoration and fascination. We just stood and watched and stood and watched.
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