Monday, September 14, 2009


The sight of a tractor makes your day
and no obstacle seems large enough to stop you
You talk in nouns
the verbs "drive" and "sleep"
working overtime

You are a happy, open, generous and easy-going kid
Almost all the time
You love your Daddy, and your Momma, too
And Jesus and the firetruck, as well.
Wide smiles, waves and funny faces at every turn
Lots of books strewn in your wake
A few favorites fanned in a tight circle around you
Being read to is a great pleasure to you
I adore that in you

You run faster and faster by the day
as if you can taste the adventure that lies beyond
you know hugs, kisses and (ma)ssages are good
and kicking, pinching and bumping heads is bad
but you choose to be a little bit both

You have no fear but freely seek solace and tenderness when hurt
You gamely accept the consequences with heart-braking toddler bravery
You like a good loud song and wild sing-along
You don't dance anymore
but still love the guitar, drums and most of all the banjo

You can't wait to go with Daddy EVERYWHERE
Playing with others is a special treat
and playing on your own is your happy place
Mowing the lawn with Daddy is like a parade to you

I adore your abandon for every minute of every day
I'm breathless at how easy to go from awake to sleep
How carefully you pack Froggie and Baby under the covers with you
And snuggle yourself into dreams

You are beautiful. I've stopped trying to be modest about that
because you just are
inside out, all blue-eyed, blond and bold

Your temper tantrums are as flamboyant as they are clumsy
funny to onlookers, though real to you
I ache for you while I labor to hold back a smile
Your opinions begin to matter, whether I let them or not
That's you beginning to become you
more and more every day

That lower lip hangs slack in concentration
Just like your Daddy's - my love for you both grows with each sight
You bask in a good job done and repeat almost anything I say
"Concession" or "sportsmanship" just to mention the latest
You like your big boy undies, but not enough to mean all business
You continue to win the waiting-game for the No. 2s - still
But you gamely go to pee in the potty for gummi bears - sometimes just for them
Still, I'm proud of that,
I believe in small victories and carefully picking my battles...

You love babies and your cousin Ed(f)ward
your toys, a long car ride and slides of any size
You could do without zucchini but not without ketchup
But you are not finicky and I trust your healthy instincts

You are absolutely without compare
A blessing from God to me
I am grateful
Even when I don't act like it
You remind me that I am special
Because I have you

Two years now.
Happy birthday, Gus.
Love. Momma


a said...

YAY! Happy, Happy Birthday Gus!!! I can't believe he is two--time flies when you're having fun.

Brynn said...

What a lovely tribute. You are blessed to have one another. Happy two! It keeps getting better.