Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Merry-go-round, then not merry

I couldn't resist. After he pestered me with the cutest big eyes and lots of "please" (he is persistent but polite, thank you very much) I broke down and bought the required 3 tickets (THREE BUCKS!!!) It's his birthday after all, I reasoned to myself as I handed over what seemed like way too much money for three rounds on a merry-go-round.

So here he is, riding on top of the world (he picked the motorcycle) Waving with the experience of a pageant beauty queen...

Then the ride stops and tragedy hits. I had to pry my very wiry, strong and spidery-limbed two-year-old off the ride with the help of a mildly annoyed carnie - Gus was crushed...couldn't believe that it would ever end... and that I would let him suffer like that...

Here he is...crying with all the anger and sadness of his two years of life. All I could do was yank the camera up and document it as the crowds assembled and people began offering up ride tickets (I should have put a hat out for the performance, he could have ridden for the rest of the day) The worst was that he kept sobbing "please" and "firetruck" (there was a fire engine on the ride) which made several grandmas give me the hairy eyeball for not giving in...(sorry for the sideways view, I forgot in the passion of the moment)

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