Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fast Women

Brag alert: This is a great group of fast, strong women (and I mean FAST...some of these beautiful gals can run 7 min./miles). We have been training loyally together since summer and yesterday we finally got to prove our mettle and we represented Brevard well in the scenic area of Bethel, North Carolina, where we swept several age groups as we run hard for 13.1 miles.

Just for myself I bested my time from last year by almost 8 minutes to 1:49:15 (at a 8 something pace) something I couldn't have done with the constant encouragement and challenge of all of these running buddies. Keep going fast, Joy, Sara, Chanley and guys are an inspiration to me every step of the way and I can't think of a lonely boring mile I've had all summer long. I'm proud of all of you.
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a said...

That is wonderful! Congrats!