Sunday, October 11, 2009

Four Walls...

This used to be my favorite room in our house, in fact it sold the house to me in the first's an old badly enclosed porch that we used as the family's walk-in closet. A room that could be all the things that I don't want the rest of the house to be, messy, haphazardly organized, clothes on the floor (Jacob's) and the catch-all for anything random that I couldn't yet bear to move to the basement. It's like a 2 by 8 foot rummage drawer.

Well not anymore. Jacob took all the shelves and hanging rods out of it (now our bedroom is messy and badly organized) and embarked on a home improvement project with the goal to make the room weatherized and possibly even heated space (we have been shivering putting on clothes out there in the wintertime) that in the future we can use as a home office or possibly down the road another nursery...

It'll be a nice addition to the rest of the house, but, of course, as it is with 110 year old houses, we found a couple of surprises as we destructed....wasp nests so well established we are on our third can of spray and Jacob is about to pull our bedroom window from it's sockets, no insulation anywhere (that constant draft in the winter might not be imaginary after all) and termite damage that is impressive in it's tell-tale lattice work.
We love this house.
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