Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harmonica Harmony?


Do you ever feel like your life is too quiet? If so, please, consider this as my desperate plea to switch places... just kidding, of course, I'm very proud of my little buddying music virtuoso, who has been drumming on anything within reach, playing Daddy's banjo to destruction (poor thing has more sprung wires than intact ones) and most recently has really taken to his fancy double-Hohner Harmonica (muulorgele in Swiss-German), which I saved from his late Swiss great-grandpa's estate for just this purpose. Gus loves to play; Sometimes endlessly without ever changing tune, sometimes with wild tonal ladders falling all over each other...and he expects enthusiastic applause after each performance, regardless of how long or short...

This morning reading the newspaper - while, incidentially being serenaded - my eyes fell on a small anouncement about a harmonica class in you think they're prepared to take on a 2-year-old Wunderkind?

I'm tempted...

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