Monday, October 26, 2009

Golden Days

My newest scheme to make Gus comfortable for No. 2 on the potty, it involves a TV tray, laptop and far, the No. 2 score goes as follows: Diapers: All, Potty: 0. He pees standing up like a champ and wears undies with pride, but he still waits patiently until I strap a diaper on him to go to a private place and do his big business...we have tried it all, books, I'm on a new path...maybe he wants to forget he is sitting on the potty and doesn't want me near...we'll see...

Then we moved on to raking the beautiful yellow leaves of our honey maple and oak into neat piles by the road. Gus was enthralled with Daddy's smooth technique...

If Daddy does it, Gus will try his hardest to follow suit.
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Gus looks gorgeous in the leaves!

We've had one #2 in the potty - but only because mommy caught her at the crucial moment and transferred her there. Sheer luck. She did seem proud of herself, but not desperate to make it happen again.