Monday, May 14, 2007

Much to-do about to-dos

I have a short list of things I want to "do" in this life. The list has no rhyme or reason and gets updated and changed at my every whim - after all, it's my list:
  • Running a marathon - check that, 4 hours, 10 min. 23 sec. Huntsville, Ala. Dec 9, 2006
  • Sipping a mint julep in a ridiculously big hat at the Kentucky Derby - remains up high
  • Riding my bike behind Jacob for a really long time - like across the country - still ahead
  • Taking my American family to Europe and showing them history - hopefully in the near future
  • Baking the perfect apple pie and winning a pie-baking contest - This one remains...elusive...I've tried, it's the crust that trips me up
  • Re-inventing myself and my career aspirations about every 10 years - accountant, journalist, teaching assistant, check

As people who know me well will readily attest to, I'm methodical in a way that borders on tedious. I like lists, I like to check them off. I make budgets, I tally them up. I have a menu plan that doubles as shopping list. I adore New Year's resolutions and inventory them at the end of the year. I sort my clothes according to color and have a system for how I load food stuff into my fridge. I never leave the house without my bed made - if he wasn't the man he is, I would probably drive Jacob crazy with my neat-and-neat needs. But he remains calm in the face of absolute rigorous order - he is very special.

So here are some new "to dos" on my list (these will make anyone who knows me reasonably well, laugh helplessly and it fills me with rising trepidation, whenever I think about them)

  • I will be less orderly and regimented for at least a year - the first year of Bean's life
  • I will leave a mess be a mess, when other priorities call, ahem cry...I might even leave the dishes in the sink overnight for a while
  • I will not freak when I forget things
  • I will find the humor in not being prepared
  • I will not have the cleanest kitchen on the block
  • I will truly live in the moment more and worry less about what lies ahead

Yup, I'm going to do all that, on top of raising a baby. Wish me luck!

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