Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A year to remember...

Jacob said something yesterday that made me think...

"We're going to be bored in our third year of marriage..." It came as a dry response to me rumminating about us buying a house, moving into it and welcoming a baby all within a span of three months ... and then, in typical Geraldine-fashion, I launched into a lengthy account of what all we would have ahead of us in The Bean's first year...crawling, walking, potty training, speaking, tantrums, piles of ripe diapers...

Yup, it's true. Our first year - which we celebrated with stale but still tasty wedding cake on April 22 - was chockful of new things and firsts. New marital status, new jobs, new homestate/hometown, first own business, new truck (not new, but to us it is), first pregnancy...whew, let me catch my breath..

It wasn't all easy or fun. We suffered through insecurities, false starts, slim paychecks, big bills, a moldy house and some days we'd rather not remember.

But overall, I'm pleased with what we accomplished so far - and to be sure, we couldn't have done it without each other. I, by myself, would have lacked the courage to do most of what we seemingly confidently but rather cluelessly heaved on our plate. Jacob, without me, would have lacked the care for details, to see some of accomplishments through...to be sure reading through tax law texts designed to NOT be understood, is a labor of love... and so is putting up drywall all by yourself, but we got athriving business to show for it.

I'm grateful to the Lord for keeping us afloat and giving us the hope to keep going.

And I'm pretty sure we're going to find ways to fend off boredom when we get to year 3.

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