Monday, May 7, 2007

A spaceship for a stroller

My Mom is on a mission... find The Bean ("Die Bohne" in German) the ultimately and perfect mode of transportation.

My folks have generously offered to contribute a stroller to The Bean's necessary stack of stuff.

I assumed - wrongly - that we would pick a color and a type, maybe look for a used one - and they would either make a purchase or hand over a check.

Wrong. My Mom - I'm so proud of her and the grandmother she is going to be - has taken on this task with great enthusiasm and seriousness. She is reading up on strollers, visiting baby stores, and in her own words she is "getting stroller-smart." I realize I have failed to see the excitement that has been building up quietly a continent away in small, neat Switzerland.
They want something very special and only the best for their first grandson.
Something that will last, that will be smooth, of great quality and outfitted with every safety feature imaginable, not to mention something that is utterly chic - because that's what all things European are.
We're likely going to compromise somewhere along the way...some of the models my Mom is researching are not going to work for my needs (swivel front wheels for one) and others look so "spaceship-like" I'm not sure we'll be able to push them down the street with a straight face, but I'm once again grateful as I have said before, for that strong network of support that Jacob and I - and The Bean - have in our parents.
Both sets will stop at nothing, I believe, to promote health and happiness for The Bean - It's a source of great comfort to me to know that no matter how long it will take us to "get this parent thing down" there will be a tireless family behind us, ready with advise and any other means necessary to ensure The Bean's well-being.
Likewise, we have received offers and help in many different ways from great friends. Girlfriends who are mothers already share their wisdom, friends who are now fathers cheer Jacob with stories of misery that soon will turn humorous. Other friends and family members have offered help with moving, or offered to organize showers. All of them, with every conversation and gesture, make this pregnancy a very special experience for us. We are grateful.
I'm not sure about that whole village, but I draw confidence from having that network of family and friends to make this monumental change in our lives a good one. Thank you.

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