Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slow, sweaty but steady!

Since everyone who knows me knows how much joy, relaxation and energy I get out of running and since I talk a lot about how this pregnancy has affected my running, I thought I should post a picture that proves me and the Bean are still out there pounding the pavement.

We are so slow and run for very short distances now - most women runners who are pregnant stop somewhere around month 6 or 7, so our date with walking may be coming up soon, but for now we are still loving the steady rhythm we create together...but we do scare onlookers with that huge belly leading the way and sweaty me lurking behind.

In addition, we try to keep active biking and gardening. Just this past weekend Jacob and I rode on borrowed mountainbikes and I loved the soft ride in the whispery woods...funny time to take up an action sport like that, but I enjoyed it!

Next up, swimming, walking

Anyways, enjoy this unflattering photo of me (it's the belly that counts)

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