Monday, February 9, 2009

C'mon Baby, let's go potty

I sing this silly line (taken from a bad 90s dance tune) whenever Gus and I head for the potty to go do our thing...yep, I'm determined to sacrifice all the time, energy and backstrain it takes to get this child housebroken by the time he is two. It's a Swiss thing for me. Children there don't wear pull-ups when they're 3 and 4. All signs so far point to good progress...Gus willingly "announces" the need to go to the Potty via hand sign (revving a fist next to your ear) and then 90 percent of the time follows it up with a tinkle into the toilet (no No. 2's yet, but I'll keep you all up to date on that...)

To make things easier we've invested in a potty seat for our bathroom...after some research, I settled on a seat rather than an entire potty...figuring I might as well exploit Gus' desire to do what we adults do....yup, going to the bathroom in our household is a very public and celebrated occasion...don't be surprised if you come over and have to go...we all pile in, we all clap our hands, we all help with the toilet paper...what can I say...anything to get away from diapers...

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