Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Face

A rare family portrait of us, taken on Superbowl Sunday, plus one. Who you might wonder outloud is that ADORABLE, SWEET, EXTREMELY HANDSOME, AND-OH-SO-CUDDLY Baby on Jacob's lap...

...well, it's quite a sad story really...because....

...he is NOT OURS...!!!

I wish I could say we found him in the park and decided to keep him (my apologies, Maia, I'm not poking fun of you and Sloan) but every time I try to snatch him and run, his Mommie grabs him away from regards for the long-suffering Toddler-Mom who finds herself weighing sleepless nights against rest-free days and feels slighted that babyhood lasts for about half a wink.

So let me properly introduce this little lad: his name is Rion, he is 11 lbs and plus/minus 22 inches and 6 weeks old. He is the offspring of my friends Heather and Richard, half-American, half-Newzealander, and quite possibly the cutest baby on the planet at this moment.

Seeing Rion sitting so happily on Jacob's lap makes my mind, no...don't go there, I could never ever manage two....Gus would have to go live with his grandparents for most of the year...but still it's sweet to just hold and inhale and cuddle...

oh, no, I'm turning into a baby junkie!

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Brynn said...

Ah yes, it does happen fast! Doesn't Gus feel like a GIANT next to his newborn friend?

The baby days are so sweet, I am with you...but there is so much good stuff to come!

Miss you.