Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Love

Gus loves his Granna, Pap, Grosi & Grosspabe

He loves his Momma, but he really loves his Daddy. "Daddy, daddy, daddy" as he call him and I agree with him. "Daddy, daddy, daddy" is EXTREMELY loveable.
Gus loves the tractor. Really, really loves the tractor.

Gus loves food very hot, so Momma can blow on it. It makes him happy.

He loves yoghurt, it's smackably good and so refreshing. Try it sometime. Gulp, smack, ahhh.

He loves to nurse, still. Depending on the day we either celebrate that fact or act coy about it.

He loves to jump. All day long. No curb too low to not be enjoyed.

He loves black beans, light switches, water faucets, the toilet brush, Momma's cell phone and Daddy's laptop. He loves them all equally and with an unabashed passion.

Gus loves to feed the neighborhood doggies - "doddies" a treat and he loves every cat he has ever met. Every one of them. Shaggy, shy, grumpy or cuddly. "Titty" he hollers and runs after one swifly evacuating feline after another. He hasn't given up yet.
Someday one will love him back.

Gus loves powertools, it's in his blood.

He loves to climb, also inscribed in his DNA.

He loves to dance and has suspect taste in music, may also be a blood thing...I'm not proud of it.

He loves "Panda Bear, Panda Bear," "Pat the Bunny," and "Bedtime for Bunny." He loves them a dozen times every day. Cover to cover and repeat. Momma and Daddy don't love them anymore.
They abhore them, but quietly.

Gus loves to laugh. He can't stand it when others laugh without him. He joins in, even if he has to fake it. He will catchu up to you laughing.

He loves the lady at the coffeeshop, a second at the courthouse and one at the post office. He is a lady's man no doubt. And he knows how to flirt.
We get lots of free cookies, quick deed copies and mail delivery with a smile.

Gus loves a good puddle and being naked can't be topped by anything. It makes him dance and sing even without music nearby.
He loves the potty. Momma and Daddy, daddy, daddy LOVE it too!

Gus loves to pray. Sometimes when the holy spirit nudges him, we pray four or five times during a single sandwich, joining hands, lowering our heads, me speaking he chewing mindfully.
It may lack spiritual sincerety at this early age, but he loves the habit of it.

Gus loves to sign and be understood. He kinda takes after his Momma there. For her first year in the United States, she signed and acted out words too.

He is a boy of many loves, all individually important to him.

He makes me appreciate love with a renewed sense of abandon.
God is good.

And children are a blessing.


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