Monday, February 9, 2009


"Wanderfueddli" that's Swiss-German for someone who likes to go exploring and can't sit still (literal translation is wander butt) and that's exactly what Gus did this weekend as we spent a few sun-warmed days in Alabama. With little traffic to worry about, we let him go farther and farther just to see how far he would go before he'd get scared or turn around...the answer is: My child will go far far far before he ever casts a backward you see that teeny weeny red dot in the field between the garage and the barn? (RD my father-in-law and Oli the faithful dog were respectfully giving Gus space but staying in line of sight)
Here I zoomed in to see what you see...a 17-month-old going on 21 walking purposefully and full of confidence toward the barn where his personal favorite lives: The tractor...
He did eventually stop and allow his Pap to catch made me think of how cooped up he sometimes must feel and how exciting it must be for him to just walk away with no one fussing over him. Mental note: More exploring, less imploring...
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