Friday, February 13, 2009

To a good home

I just finished my blog post for Valentine's Day, where I waxed on poetically about the many loves of Gus....well, as I look over my shoulderI see this... and this (well that's actually from a few days ago....)

It makes me want to write this:

To a good home.
One 18-month-old, ice-water-veined, blond-and-blue-eyed mini-monster with deceptively sweet manners.
Loves to climb high and knows no hurt big enough not to try again. Lacks no confidence
but may be short on common sense. Amazingly apt to find ways to un-hinge any attempts at toddler-proofing his environment. Interested parties must have the mind of a toddler-felon and keen awareness to mischief happening behind their backs by the minute.

This child is not for the faint-hearted. Almost housebroken, extremly social and
easily entertained by passing cars, unattended toilet brushes and left-on computers.
This child will test your patience and stare you down in almost any contest.

Anyone? Anyone?

Well maybe I'll just go and see if my friend Heather wants to trade me sweet little Rion for Gus.
Where has my sweet baby gone!!! Where I beg you!!!

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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Our little Dr. Destructo will take him on in a danger contest any hour of the day. I have developed nerves of steel and reflexes like a cat. It's amazing how she can defy death while simultaneously batting her lovely eyes at you like an evil thought has never crossed her unsullied mind.

Julie said...

Geraldine, just be glad he's not on skis yet!