Monday, December 7, 2009


Just a quick update for the curious and demented...15 pairs of booties finished, 4 more waiting for the finishing frill. In other words I have 5 more days to knit up one more hat and one more pair of booties to reach my goal of 20 pairs and 4 hat/bootie sets to go on sale at the local crafts/Christmas market.

I'm waiting for carpel-tunnel (spelling?) to set in, but so far all I suffer from is a hearty aversion to knitting...understandably so, I like to think...I knit whenever there is a spell/break/pause/ doesn't just border on obsession, no it wades right into it...I'm have a daily quota and I can't let it go...people give me extra space whenever I pull out the knitting needles...

Wish and pray for me that at least some of them will sell...otherwise you all - regardless of your size and parent-status - will receive tiny booties for future birthdays and Christmases...
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