Sunday, December 13, 2009

Market Day!

Voila! Here is our beautiful booth (those awesome sawhorses & the green door, courtesy of True South LLC, thank you, sweet Jacob) with all our wares on it. I offered my friend, Lindsey a corner to sell her soaps, and she took me up on it, so not only did the booties and hats look sweet, they also smelled good.

I had a good day, full of sales, compliments and even some special orders. Feeling quite like the entrepreneur these days. Give me a basket full of scrap wool and some needles and I make money....

Well, I'm a bit full of myself right now. But it was fun. I'll do it again.
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a said...

What a beautiful setup, G! I loved going to that arts and crafts festival the past two years.... sigh. Hope you all have a GREAT time in Europe...
merry, merry!