Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa is so Sweet!

Talking about a clean concience, Gus practically ellbowed his way through a line of hesitant, nervous & and a few downright terrified kids to sit on Santa's lap - not to talk about gifts, mind you or inquire about Rudolph's well being - no, Gus, simply saw Santa's ample supply of candy canes and wrenched himself free of my hand to go climb on a strange man's lap.

They almost cuddled, he got so cozy, all for one candy cane (he did get two in a return appearance that made Santa laugh). This kid is definitely made of sugar and spice and all things so nice...

We'll see you this weekend, Santa! In Switzerland, Santa comes on December 6, and brings the nice kids tangerines, a grittibaenz (sweet bread), candy and nuts,while his sidekick "Schmutzli" - who bares a striking resemblance to the Grim Reaper - sacks the bad kids in a large burlap bag and takes them to the forest...what happens to them there is subject to much conjecture of Swiss parents whenever faced with an onery child. I myself, was terrified all through my childhood of having to go live with Schmutzli in a sort-of-elf-run-labor-camp-for-bad-kids, despite the fact that I never saw Schmutzli ever sack anyone)

I'm pretty sure, Gus isn't worried. Not one bit.
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