Friday, December 18, 2009

Powder Day!

I know, I know, you Coloradoans won't be impressed, but if you're as snow-starved as I am, or just plain used to the cold-but-otherwise-uneventful southeastern winters, this is BIG!

It started at 6:50 this morning and hasn't let up yet. The forecasters - using somber tones usually used for news of death and destruction - call for a foot (ONE FOOT! IT'S A BLIZZARD!!!) all the schools are closed, there is virtually no traffic on the road and people are hunkering down with bread, beer and milk (that's what you see everyone piling into their shopping cart the day before a snow day threatens) and wait for it to go away.

Me, I'm excited, strapping on my gators and planning a solitary walk through town. Jacob has been at the firestation since the wee hours (traffic accidents and downed powerlines will keep him busy all day long) and Gus, ironically, is in Alabama spending a fun-filled weekend with his Granna & Pap.

So I'm all left to my own devices to have my very own powder day. If a foot falls, I will put on the teles and ski to town. I will. Stopping whatever traffic there is along the way.
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