Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cabled Beauty




Hard to believe - but this sweater was knitted by my artisan-knitter Mom. It has become one of Gus' favorite going-to-church outfits and we collect the compliments as we move along like flowers in a summer meadow - so many we almost get careless.
Tough she is one of the fastest and most exacting knitters I know, she will readily admitt that she worked hard on it, undoing (that's her real strength, she doesn't mind undoing and redoing until it is just perfect) parts of it - sleeves, I think - several times.
I love looking at it and handling it. It is so bright and so beautiful and just so intricate I can't even begin to think pattern when I look at it, it's just gorgeous in its wholeness.
I took pictures of Gus while we recited (that's what we do now, we read one book until we have it memorized and then recite it to each other ping-ponging back and forth with the parts) "Pigs Love Potatoes" and running his favorite "bagger" (Backhoe in German) around the coffee table...
He is making big steps this month, his feet have outgrown all shoes and are closing in on mine in size, his language skills are breaking down barriers and he is starting to understand multi-step directions...oh, and he is getting really good at time-out (on a chair with an egg timer) because he has had lots of opportunity to practice it.
He is a true, fun 2-year-old.
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Julie said...

I think red is Gus's color!