Friday, March 12, 2010

A Modern Man


One thing that stuck with me from a recent parenting class, was the speaker's center theme. We raise our children to be independent beings, we ready them for a life without us - as brutal and un-fuzzy as that sounds, it rings true to me. Above all things, I want Gus to be confident and able to strike out on his own, whether that be college or travels abroad or wandering in search of a passion or calling - without me in tow, folding his laundry, scolding him for not washing enough behind the ears (we don't wash enough as is) and serving him his favorite meal of scrambled eggs and pancake just the way he like he likes it.

That may make me sound like a cold-hearted mom, but I do believe that by the time he is ready to go, I'll be ready (and hopefully still able) to pursue some of my own passions and share some good adventures with Jacob. I will show up to be proud whenever Gus does good, but I will not hover or fuss - at least that's what I tell myself now.

So, in pursuit of that greater nobel goal, I scored this beauty of a vintage kitchen set (I may not find and upcycle vintage furniture on craigslist, like my ever-stylish friend Julie see here) but I cruise the local resale stores and now and then I find a diamond in the rough - mostly trashed Disney and KMart remenants.

Case in point, this lovely, well-used but amazingly well-preserved kitchen set that I had to pray and patiently wait for (another mother had put a hold on it). I got the call this morning. $40 later I am the proud owner of it and Gus will be a master cook by the time the Foodnetwork is ready for a pre-teen chef star.

It's his Easter present. I'm giving up chocolate to make up for it.
These two scuffed wooden boxes make me very happy.
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

too funny, we JUST got one for Q as well. I was a little nervous that after making the investment, she wouldn't be all that interested. Fortunately, she's taken to the "cooking play" like a house on fire. She adores it! phew.