Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sun seasons


Ah...the warmth and promise of a season soon to come. Friday was a balmy 65 around here and we spent the day doing summer stuff, down to putting on crocs and filling a basin with water to splash around in. Gus rocked the skate park, coming away with black hands (from the grime on the ramps) and the well-deserved reputation for breaking down new frontiers as he "invented" the head-first down the ramp full-body slide...they are going to call that "doing a Gus" from now on.

The funny thing was how quickly the discovery spreads among the preschool crowd. Gus completed his first slide (me cheering and trying not to spill my coffee) and two 4-year-olds' heads popped up on the ramp next to his. After that "doing a Gus" couldn't be stopped...most of the boys did it and a few of the feisty girls, too.

I got a few testy looks from the more safety-inclined Moms (why are they at the skatepark anyway? The place is a death trap as all the skull and crossbone designs clearly advertise) but the fun was worth it.

We ate lunch at the playground (I ate lunch, Gus shoved in bites as he ran by) then we collapsed for naptime (he into his bed, willingly, me onto my desk chair, unwillingly)

I captured this moment right after naptime as Gus ate his afternoon snack. I had forgotten how much we love our back stoop. We love to sit there and view the trees and the birds in our backyard, sing songs, share snacks. It's all concrete, so that's where I allow Gus to eat freezer pops and other assorted "melty & sticky" foods. It's where I sit with bank statements or the mail, while Gus decides to go inspect the woodpile or give the Jeepster a climbing workout.

It's where we are when the days are warm again and though I won't have as much time this spring or summer to lounge there, I will treasure it every time I get to.

I can't wait.
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