Friday, March 12, 2010

A Good Egg



Is 2 1/2 too young to be a latchkey kid?
The way things are going on the preschool front of things, Gus may be pushing his boundaries and get Momma in trouble with Social Services...we're on the waiting list for the fall semester now (FALL!!!) after languishing on the spring waiting list without a chance...for a smart town like Brevard, convenient, cost-effective and good preschool is hard to come by and the few that fit the bill dole out spots as easily as snooty hostesses give out a good table at a fancy New York restaurant.

Gus is ready to go, ready to have regular interaction with others, ready to play with someone other than his mother. He is ready....and so am I. Ready to have an adult conversation outside of me talking back to NPR on the radio, wearing clothes that do not stretch, roll up or have a drawstring somewhere, ready to wear mascara and earrings, ready to put some product (any product) in my hair and call something other than a quick ponytail a hairdo.

If you haven't heard, I'm getting ready to go back to work and if all works out that will start in the next couple of weeks...depending on how busy Jacob is and how our budget stands, Gus will have to fend for himself (I keep toying with the idea of just calling all grandparents and telling them "yeah, Gus is doing real good home alone..." I figure that would get at least one of them here just as quickly as you can hop in a car or make a flight reservation)

To be fair I'm not looking very hard beyond the traditional church-run preschools...I'm a bit hesitant to find a mother in-home solution, just don't know who to trust and how to test for that, and also I have had a couple of offers already from some mom-friends (who are likely going to be getting a lot of Gus-time before they can say no) who are looking to make a little money.

It will all work out, or else Gus knows how to fry an egg and eat it with gusto almost all by himself!
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I have to admit that I am NOT ready, and i'm dreading sending Q off to preschool. I'm putting it off as long as I can. For now, I have an in-home babysitter two days a week for 3 hours, and I have a nearby drop-in daycare that we like for those days when I desperately need a few more hours. It isn't always enough...for instance right now I'm very busy and a week behind on my work. But most of the time, I manage to stay on the tightrope. Mostly.