Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Daily Bread...


I have loved the King Arthur flour for almost as long as I've lived in the Southeast - and that means something - here flour selections span many paces in the baking aisle and you can get lost among all the colors and claims. Baking bread has always appealed to me - just like milking a cow or making a clay pot - it seems so basic yet necessary, a survival skill that, at least in my mind, rivals rapelling over sheer rock or knowing how to build a snow iglu.

However that makes me no bread baker, I've been struggling with sourdoughs and all other yeasty confections for years and recently had all but given up (my guys are happy with white, fluffy bread from the grocery store anyways) then my friend, Brynn, re-inspired me and I pulled out old recipes and bought a bag of King Arthur flour. While I'm wrestling it out of the grocery bag my eye fell on the back recipes. I'm a bit of a snob, never giving much thought to the fine print of recipes on the back of ingredients I buy (the fact that you are asked to use specific brands of stuff stiffles my creativity...or so I like to think) but this one sounded good plus I have walnuts handy.

Let me tell you, this loaf was easy to make (EASY!!!) and came out smelling and - more importantly - tasting you can see from the picture...I didn't have much time to take a picture, my guys have fallen on it and are carving it up and slathering it with butter and jam.

I guess it makes sense that the guys who make a fine flour like the folks at King Arthur, know what to make with it, huh?

Our Daily Bread, give us today...
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bakers said...

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