Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Come see our cottage!

It's done! In a little less than 2 months, Jacob and I (the former more than the latter) have managed to turn a grimy, grungy, spiderwebby backyard barn/toolshed into our "detached guest cottage".

The style is "salvage" and we are only done to the point of it being safe and snug for someone to sleep in. We still have to work out the color scheme for the walls, what type of flooring and various other smaller details, as well as accumulate some cast-off furniture to make it more homey. In a later phase we may add a small kitchen and even a partial bathroom to it.

or now it is spare but clean, bright, insulated and lit - check out our cans-become-light-fixtures-experiment.

The first visitors to stay here are Jacob's folks, who are on-call for whenever Bean decides to make an appearance. They are packed and looking forward to spending some time with us here...then the cottage will house Jacob's sister Leah, who is scheduled to come in October and help me get over my diaper-change anxiety, after her, it's going to be the home of my folks for a good month (we'll have to add some heat to it by then) ... and after that anyone is welcome to come and lay their weary head on these pillows. Just call us and we'll leave the canned lights on for you!

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maia said...

Love the corrugated ceiling! And the bedstead.