Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away...

OK that's a cheesy title for my little ditty about what happens when you tote a big belly around a small town filled with friendly, chatty Southerners ... but I like cliches, always have ...

This morning on my obligatory walk (I try to step with extra purpose now, mumbling encouraging words to my tardy son and praying for gravity to make an impression on him he can't refuse) I got the obligatory question that I inevitably have fielded over the past 3 or so months.

"So, when are you due?" The woman with a stroller, an adorable toddler and two dogs asks me.

"Hmm, yesterday" I say after a brief moment to knit together my brows and consider the appropriate response.

"Oh, well maybe today is the day," she cheerfully announces before telling me that I look "precious" and asking me more questions about his gender, status in family etc.

I walk away puzzled... saying "yesterday" to this question, makes me feel like I've overcome some major hurdle- it depends on the moment you ask me - if I'm feeling really good and cheery, I'll say it's good to have gotten this far and never had to worry once. If I just tried to tie my shoes or get up from a chair, I'm likely to say I feel like I'm scheduled for an overtime shift and no one asked me if I wanted to.

So today it's yesterday, tomorrow it'll be 2 days ago and so on ... I'm poised to be patient (not!)

C'mon Baby!

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