Thursday, September 6, 2007

A few of our favorite things..

In the past couple of weeks I've been circling around the odd BEFORE/AFTER twilight zone that I find myself caught in - from expiration dates on milk cartons to movie release dates - everything seems to treat the near future with a level of casualness that I can't stand- after all our immediate future will be nothing remotely resembling life-as-usual.

This morning Jacob mentioned that he is ready to be a Dad. We went to the doctor (nothing new to report, we're all healthy and continuing the co-habitation set-up for a little while longer) and then visited the hospital one more timeto have a look around (nice cafeteria and cable!!!) and to make sure we can find the birthing center when things will seem slightly more urgent. So now we both feel like we got all checks done on our to-do list.

I guess...Bean, if you can sense this somehow, we are ready whenever you are...sooner better than later...

We also have a nearly perfect weekend to back us up. We took the holiday 3-day weekend off and spent it together non-stop with no real schedule or to-dos haunting us. Here are some of the things we did, that I will try to think off, when things get hard, painful or seemingly unbearable...

- Ride our bikes to the paintstore, buy paint and give the hallway a good dose of mocha-colored umph - me rolling, Jacob doing the trim painting

- Go for a leisurely walk through town and harvest peas in our garden plot, mourn the premature death of several watermelons at the claws of some toothy creature

- Make pizza from scratch together and then camp out in front of the oven because we're so famished

- Eat aforesaid pizza in bed, watching Netflix (House MD. or Scrubs or Extras) on the laptop

- Go to church, sing our hearts out and worship from the heart

- Make biscuits in the morning and eat them with jelly, molasses and honey while listening to NPR

- Have a great "Kodak-worthy" catching moment at Ultimate Fresbee (and me actually witnessing it from the sideline)

- Invite ourselves over to the home of friends with a dish to watch the U.S. Open, eat dinner and laugh and talk

- Ride our bikes home late at night when it's dark with nary a traffic light on to light the way

- Have a "design pow-wow" in the guest cottage and then drive to Lowe's for research on cheap building materials that will give us the most bang for the buck.

- Working alongside on the guest cottage, with me operating the really big nailgun, the sander, and even the chop saw!

- Walking to town to watch Jacob play our friend Heather in a friendly match of tennis in the early morning cool

- Shelling peas on the porch swing and talking about a new venture we want to get into (well, Jacob more than me, but then again, he will always be the braver of the two when it comes to spending money to make money)

- Eating a Hungry Man-sized dinner after a good day's work, including a bowl full of garden-fresh peas

- Finish up the last set of baby bootees and hat (Bean's going to be a well accessorized babe) while Jacob plays the banjo

Yep, this is all way to tranquil and wonderful, we need some excitement!

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