Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Babyboy Dinkins' pad

OK here it goes - tatatah! It's the new nursery!

Thanks to the hard labor of Andy, Cindy, Leah, Ronnie, Jacob and myself, Bean Dinkins will have a beautiful, serene boyish place to call his own...The room originally was a parlor off the living room connected with a set of French doors, charming with its uneven wood floors, plaster walls and high ceiling. The theme is farm (as both of his granddaddys have first-hand experience at farm life) and the colors are pea green, sky blue and barn red with canvas white mixed in here and there. The furniture all has a beautiful dark patina and with the exception of the crib (brandnew and absolutely stunning) are old and distressed pieces that are equally beautiful and comfortable (especially Jacob's beloved, exceptionally ugly, green-yellow plaid rocker-lazy-boy hiding under that tasteful seat cover).

There are so many things I love in this room. All the things we made (from the bedskirt to the boppy pillow cover), all the old things people gave us, all the gifts, all the little details, washed, sorted and ready to be used. I go and sit in it in the morning and just wait...wait for a little life to come and turn it all this tranquil organization (I even hung and sorted the onsies according to sleeve-length and color) on its head.

It's all ready to go - well, except for the quilt. Still working on it - I might be stitching away in between contractions...

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