Monday, August 13, 2007

A special shower

We decided to make the most of our last travel-safe weekend before D-day and visit Jacob's folks Locust Fork, Alabama and see some friends while there. Jacob's parents, Ronnie and Cindy, hosted had a sweet little shower that was special in every way - babies almost outnumbered adults and guys with baby bottles were more common a sight than gift bows.
In attendance were Nathan and Natalie Hinds and their feisty & fun twin boys Graham and Cole, both of whom are must be taking after their firefighter Dad since they like to crawl into the fireplace whenever the opportunity arises. Bean is a direct benefactor of the Hinds family's double blessings - a good portion of his entire first-year wardrobe comes in doubles! Nathan, Jacob and Mitch, who also attended, have been best friends since middle and high school.

We also invited Julie and Dusty Rayburn, friends of Jacob's parents, and their adorable 11-month-old daughter Anna. The Rayburns, too, have gone above and beyond in sharing with us everything from great maternity wear to a baby tub and a boppy pillow.

Both Julie and Natalie are wonderful new mothers and inspiring role models for me. Nathan and Dusty too, made Jacob feel right at home in fatherhood - he even got to "practice" bottle feeding Graham, who seemed to approve of his technique. I'm glad we got to spend time together.

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