Friday, August 17, 2007

What a find!

With Bean in the right position we have nothing to do but wait...but wait! That's not all we have to do...with our new/old home we are plenty busy trying to get odds and ends and some bigger projects finished before Bean decides to make an appearance and monopolize all our time...

For the past two weeks, Jacob's been busy turning a dusty, cowebby barn in the backyard into a "guest cottage" and today - just as the first crop of guests are arriving - we finished a rough draft of's not quite up to Martha Stewart-standard yet, but it's snug and cozy and almost cute...I'll get a picture of it uploaded next week.

Most of the improvements have been made with salvage items that Jacob has a real knack of finding...but this week he's outdone himself...he spotted this beautifully crafted and absolutely adorable cooking stove in a client's storage and she let him have it for absolutely free!

I have to smile every time I walk by's the French-furniture legs and the childlike proportions and above all the fact that once upon a time, even the most utilitarian things had undeniable style and attention was paid to the smallest of details.

The plan is to clean it and shine it up (not too much) then set it in our living room in front of our "ugly" gas-log fireplace and let the mantle just naturally frame it...I can't wait to feel its warmth and hear the cozy crackling of fire in its belly...

I hope Bean will be a quick study when it comes to "hot" and "don't touch"

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Laura said...

I can't wait to see pics of the inside!