Thursday, August 9, 2007

Helping hands...

Look at these! Don't they just tug on your heart-strings?

These are tiny little mittens made for Beans little digits by my lovely cousin-in-law Sara, who has been nothing but a wonderful extension of the Dinkins family here in Brevard.

They are just another one of those lovely contributions that have made me realize the immesurable value of friends and family in times like these...I'm not sure if I want the entire village to help us raise a child, but so far it has been unimaginable not to have a great circle of caring friends and a core of generous family members to help us get ready for this child.

I boasted to one of my friends the other day that all counted I have spent less than $100 on Bean's "dowry" - amazing considering what the talleys I've seen in the Baby/Parenting magazines when it comes to nursery budgets...I've bought $50 worth of fabric for a quilt and a crib mobile that was on sale, a few odds and ends and that's about it.

I may be a bad mom-in-the-making, but I have no problem admitting that so far, I haven't bought Bean a single outfits - not a one - although I look at them in the stores and find most of them incredibly cute, I have been blessed with bags and boxes full of equally cute outfits that are either gifts or hand-me-downs... and I see no reason not to accept the kindness and generosity of others with a heart-felt thanks...

So between gifts - ranging from the big ticket items selflessly purchased by the grandparents and great-grandparents to gift cards from dear friends for necessities like crib sheets - to hand-me-downs -washed and softened used cloth diaper covers, a high chair saved from his grandmother's childhood and well-loved dog-eared first story books - we have been able to stock an entire nursery on a pauper's budget, and I love every piece of it, because each comes with a story, with a wish for a well-provided early childhood, each is wrapped in an ounce of care for a child that isn't even the giver's own.

Bean is blessed.

Aside from the material things, I have been fortunate to have friends and family - new and old ones - generous with their experiences and advise. From how to make re-usable wipes to what to hunt for at yard sales to baby-safe home-made cleaning products, I have been the happy recipient of free wisdom freely shared...and I look forward to that continued support of shared advise as we go from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond...your teenager will help me raise my teenager someday.

And last but not least, a core group of precious women, have helped me put that special hand-made touch that I so love, on this nursery. While I haven't handed over plastic for designer names, I have spent hours crafting things and in that I've been supported by my mother-in-law and my mother and others. When it is all done (hopefully before Bean makes his appearance) we will have crafted a boppy pillow cover, a high chair seat pad, a baby cardigan, countless booties and hats, teddy bears, a wall organizer and maybe even a quilt...and an adorable pair of mini-mittens.

I am grateful. Thank you to you all.

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