Monday, August 6, 2007


The picture does it no you can tell, I'm having trouble focusing in more ways than one...

Jacob is a hard-working man, whose hands have almost single-handedly (actually both working together in concert) toiled tirelessly to allow us to save up for a it only just that I report on this most unfortunate occurance of last week, when he heartily hit his index finger with a framing hammer while on the job.

The nail is blue/black, and the little hole he drilled into it to relieve the pressure (a move approved by his nurse mother) only adds to the "ick" factor. I can't imagine taking a drill bit to a throbbing appendage and fussing with it, but then again Jacob's pretty tough without a question.

For the first few days the finger changed shape, color and texture like a lively science experiment, going from waxy to shiny, from bright blue to dull black and from hot-dog back to a semi-normal night I woke up because Jacob was softly wimpering in his sleep...his hand with the hurting finger was gingerly placed at the edge of the bed, the finger stretched out by itself so only air touched it - even if I had doubted it at to that point, that image adequately illustrated the measure of pain he was in.

The finger is back in use now (he moved heavy furniture with it), the nail will likely fall off completely (I hope the same isn't true for the finger) but at least Jacob doesn't wince anymore every time something or someone touches it.

Did I mention that he is a hard-working man? I'm proud of all his accomplishements as his business nears its first anniversary.

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