Monday, August 13, 2007

A special chair...

I've written a lot about all the things that Bean will get to use that have history behind them - in fact, few things in his nursery are the product of a simple shop-n-pick tale. Most of his things have been other people's things...and that makes them all the more special to me.

This sweet high chair is the latest example. Saved by Bean's great-grandmother and restored and updated with a cute new pad by his grandmother, this little chair has already seen two generations of hungry mouths before Bean will ever mash up carrots or cheerios on this tray. That's right - his own granna, Cindy, as well as his Dad (and his aunt Leah) have eaten a few fine mashed up meals on this throne. Jacob actually perfected his one-of-a-kind spaghetti-slurp-up technique in this very chair (there is footage of this...and someday it will win an America's funniest home video contest)

I'm so excited to add another chapter to this chair's story - it is my hope this latest user will be a polite little gentleman with impeccable dinning manners and a non-discriminate appetite, yeah right!

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